The silent one

Alicudi, la silencieuse

It’s a good idea to think ahead about who you want to go with on this island.
A haven of peace for those looking to escape the hectic pace of the current world, Alicudi is the ideal island on which to forget your old habits. A strange and wild place, it’s clearly not an island for everyone.

Nestled in the heart of the Tyrrhenian Sea, this almost perfect 5 volcanic cone is one of the most remote of the Aeolian Islands. Sicily’s hidden treasure, with its rustic charm and unspoilt beauty, is a destination for curious souls eager to lose themselves in nature and enjoy a timeless, unforgettable experience.

Arriving in Alicudi, you’ll be greeted by a spectacular landscape of rugged mountains covered in lush Mediterranean vegetation. The extinct volcano, dominating the horizon, lends the island a magical, mystical atmosphere. Here, time seems to stand still. Each moment stretches out gently, inviting you to savor the present moment. There’s nothing else to do here anyway.

With no paved roads or cars, the island’s houses are built in terraces along the slopes, and the paths to get between homes and beaches can be steep and craggy. Staircases are used to facilitate access to houses and sloping land, as well as to link the village lanes.

Here, every distance is measured by steps from the port: the little school, the smallest in Europe, has 357 steps, the ancient church of San Bartolo has 750 steps, and so on… And the higher you go, the sweeter the silence becomes. It’s the only luxury on the island with an explosion of uncontaminated nature. The silence is so clear that you can even hear the sound of the sea waves above the mountain.

Waking up on the island is pure magic. The sun rises behind the nearby island of Filicudi, accompanied only by the sound of roosters and lapping waves. Secluded coves with turquoise waters, sea-polished pebbles, intriguing sea caves – every corner of the island offers something unique to explore. The tranquil waters are ideal for swimming and scuba diving, offering a privileged encounter with the abundant marine life.

The 80 friendly locals greet you warmly and invite you to discover their traditional way of life, in harmony with nature, creating a picturesque, unspoilt village atmosphere. Alicudi seduces with its authenticity, wild charm and refreshing simplicity.

Alicudi is the ideal place to recharge your batteries, refocus on the essentials and reconnect with nature. A retreat where silence reigns supreme, and where the sound of the waves and the breeze are the only sounds to lull you to sleep. The breathtaking panoramas, tranquility and authenticity of the island make this a memorable adventure for those ready to embrace the challenges of the terrain.

Alicudi is

3 km long by 2 km wide

Accommodation capacity

Where is Alicudi located? Alicudi lies in the Tyrrhenian Sea and is part of the Aeolian Islands archipelago, north of Sicily.

How do I get to Alicudi? 2 hours by boat from Palermo or 3 hours from Milazzo with

How to get around the island? Only on foot, like the island’s mules, which play an essential role in transporting goods and luggage. In addition to their practical function, they are also an integral part of Alicudi’s authentic charm. Their appearances along narrow lanes and picturesque alleyways add to the island’s rustic, traditional ambience.

Where to eat and sleep?

It is important to keep in mind that Alicudi Island is less developed than some other islands and the infrastructure is more basic. There are no shops or ATMs on the island here. Take your cash with you. Accommodation is part of the experience: no ordinary comfort here. The real deal is to rent in one of the typical wind houses along the mountain. There are many for rent on seasonal rental platforms. We recommend Casa Tre Archi, a chic house run by the charming Elise and her daughter Elena. It is located in the Tonna district, about 300 steps from the port. Elise’s sophisticated taste is reflected not only in the details of the house but also in the small shop she has set up to sell her designs, which is well worth a visit. His lucky charms have become the true souvenir of the island.

In terms of cuisine, there is only one bar-restaurant on the island and 2 grocery stores. The experience lies in going to dinner or lunch with a local. Among these, you absolutely have to go to Silvio. On a terrace under a starry sky, you can taste the fish most appreciated by the island’s fishermen. If you are lucky enough, you will taste its famous grilled moray eel.

The book to pack in your suitcase? Proust’s A la recherche du temps perdu . All 7 volumes.

The song to include in your playlist? You can’t always get what you want by The Rolling Stones.

And especially where to drink your Spritz? At the island’s only bar, l’Airone on the port.

If I had known, …

I would have listened to the locals tell us that we were crazy to go and climb to the top of the island at 11 a.m. with 12 kilos of photo equipment on our backs. After 4 hours of climbing stairs with calf strength in the middle of a heatwave as well as trembling legs on the way back on a path worthy of a via ferrata, I must admit… we might have gone wrong.

I would have revised all my foreign languages before leaving. When you dine with a local, you’ll meet visitors from all over the world. Around the table at our last dinner, we were surrounded by Swiss, German, Italian and Canadian visitors.

I really should have brought out my old stepper a month before the start. And you’ll be able to put it on the market when you get home with your new steel buttocks.

At night, I would lie on the terrace for hours, gazing up at the sky. Thanks to its isolation and absence of light pollution, Alicudi offers ideal conditions for stargazing.


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